About C. F. Advisors

C. F. Advisors, LLC is all about designing and using Excel-based models to increases your odds of survival by making better decisions leading to better results.

I founded C. F. Advisors in 1991 to help improve the financial performance of SEGCs by working with entrepreneurs and leaders of such companies to identify problems, implement solutions, and produce results.

The mission of C.F. Advisors, guided by my interest and passion has morphed over time:

My background and involvement with “numbers” and analysis stems from two disciplines: (1) initially as an electrical engineer (Texas Instruments); and (2) subsequently as a financial analyst (Texas Instruments), where I learned to apply analysis as being necessary to understanding; and understanding as being necessary to improving performance.

My early days at Texas Instruments were followed by sixteen years of managerial and executive experience at large companies, which led to twenty-nine years of improving financial performance at SEGCs by questioning, listening, analyzing and executing. I hold graduate degrees in engineering and business, but I am grounded in reality.

Key in my approach towards Clarity and Focus is the development of Excel-based models. I avoid the “one-size fits all” template models and instead focus on custom-designed models that fit your unique circumstances. Such models are designed for us to better understand and manage your SEGC. A well-designed custom, Excel-based model can result in greater understanding, leading to better decisions and improved financial performance.

What you get when you work with me is an experienced business advisor with an interest and skills in business and Excel who knows how to design models that provide insight and solve problems. My focus is on business solutions and not simply developing Excel spreadsheets.

To gain additional perspective into my beliefs and values, please look at my “Wynisms” page. After getting a sense of who I am e-mail me at wyn@cfadvisorsllc.com, call me at (612) 232-1775 or schedule an introductory phone chat and let's get to know each other.