Modeling Tips:

Ten simple modeling tips to help you design and build Excel models that provide business solutions to business problems are shown below:

DISCLAIMER:  These modeling tips are intended for model developers and not for model users.  However, if you are a model user, you owe it to yourself to insist that your model developer is fully aware and practices these ten tips.

Tip 1.  Discuss Model Requirements with the User and Map the Model Data Flow BEFORE  Keystroke 1

Tip 2.  Keep it Simple and Logical

Tip 3.  Identify Driver Cells:  --  YELLOW Cells

(These are independent variables; the ONLY cells which can be modified by the user)

Modeling Tips 1

Tip 4.  Use Integrity Checks  (Cell A1)

Cell A1 OK                  Cell A1 not OK


Tip 6.  Use Formatting Tools for Clarity

Modeling Tips 2

Tip 7.  Include ALL Drivers on Driver Sheet with Design Dashboard

Modeling Tips 3

Tip 8.  Keep a notepad and a pen on your bedside table

Eureka Moment



Tip 9.  Trust your Instincts and Use the “Smell Test”

Tip 10. Remember that this is a BUSINESS problem and NOT an EXCEL problem

If any of these tips interest you and you would like to explore how they might be able to help your SEGC, please, please e-mail me at or call me at (612) 232-1775. I would welcome a dialogue.