Screenshot Examples:

Screenshots showing examples of some of the models that I have used to clarify and improve the performance of SEGCs that I have worked with:

DISCLAIMER:  These screenshots are intended to stimulate the creative juices of model developers.  However, if you are a model user, just browse through these examples to get a sense of what could be, but DO NOT get stuck in the weeds as that is not your calling in life.

1.  Simple Calculators and Learning Models:  (Knowledge is King but so is Cash)

Cut the Price and make it up in Volume

Screenshot image 1

2.  Analysis and Decision Making Models:  (Good Management makes Good Decisions)

Keep the Price & Offer Bundled Package

Screenshot Image 2


3.  Financial Reporting and Analysis Models:  (Unlock the mysteries of the “Numbers”)

Comparative P & L: - (1) Month, (2) YTD, (3) Year

Screenshot Image 3

4.  Financial Reporting and Analysis Models: (Present data/information as a story)

Stagger Chart:   -  Where are we going?

Screenshot Image 4

5.  Financial Reporting and Analysis Models:  (MTD or WTD opinions are susceptible to fluff)

The (Joe Friday) Silo Chart:  –  Just the Facts; get rid of the fluff.

Screenshot Image 5

6.  Cash Management Models:  (YOU control cash and not the other way around)

The One Essential Report (for the SEGC):  Cash

Screenshot Image 6

7.  Performance Tracking Models:  (If you measure it you can manage it)

Project Labor Productivity Tracking

Screenshot Image 7

8.  Over the Horizon Planning Models:

Drivers Sheet for OTH Model

Screenshot Image 8

9.  Other Models:  (No reason to limit your Excel models to just financial)

Excel Based Task Tracking

Screenshot Image 9

If you suspect that any of the above models could improve your company performance, then

e-mail me at so we can discuss your ideas.