You and the SEGC

In my world, a small emerging growth company (SEGC) is a company with annual revenues up to $10 million with limited financial resources and experience. It has great potential with an excited and dedicated group of employees. The company faces many challenges and is committed to succeeding. Cash is a scarce resource and the company may need additional financing to achieve its dreams.

If you are a decision-maker/influencer at a SEGC, maybe I can help you?  I have spent many years advising SEGCs, and I thrive working in your environment

Some unique characteristics of SEGCs are listed below: You probably cannot change too many of them, but what you can do is to change (improve) your odds of survival by using Excel-based models.   Schedule an introductory phone chat.

  1. The SEGC is small enough so that you can get to know everything about everything and everybody.  Unfortunately, every other employee feels the same way.

  2. The SEGC is a place where you wear many hats, but most do not fit very well.

  3. The SEGC's sense of urgency and focus is driven by the amount of money that it has in the bank.

  4. The SEGC usually see themselves as making money when planning.  However, it is the execution that really counts! 

  5. The SEGC is often started by people who were frustrated when they had “real jobs” in “real companies."

  6. The SEGC lives with the thought that “one day” investors may take over the company.

  7. The SEGC needs a leadership team and not a leadership committee.

  8. The SEGC has a CFO, who during those early first months of assembling the team, often felt that the role was that of a Chief Family Officer.

If some of these characteristics seem problematic to you, then e-mail me at or call me at (612) 232-1775 to discuss your concerns.